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Modern Glass Building

Global Environmental Technologies

Global leader in commercial and industrial environmental HVAC engineering 

Dedicated to creating a sustainable society  

As a leading provider of HVAC space conditioning system for commercial, residential and industrial Zero Energy Building, we contribute to providing a safe and healthy environment for customers and our society. 


Award winning HVAC space conditioning system designed to achieve maximum energy efficiency, while providing safe and comfortable environment for building occupants. 


We value scientific, evidence-based reseach and technology to develop cutting-edge environmental technologies. We also believe collaborative R&D is the key to achieving the global sustainability goal.


As a leading provider of HVAC, commercial, residential and industrial plumbing for Net Zero Buildings, GET has been on a forefront of Net Zero environmental technology. 


Year of Establishment

22,500 +

Projects Completed

Recent Projects

Balancing art of energy efficiency and occupant comfort.

Recent projects

Tokyo Midtown


Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly

Panasonic Stadium

The Ritz-Carlton, Okinawa

Kansai International Airport Terminal 1 Building

Join our team 

Join our team to develop revolutionary environmental technology for our Net Zero future !

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