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Environmental engineering

Our Innovative Technology
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Smart BA System®

Smart solution that integrates multiple Zero-Energy-Building (ZEB)  technologies and devices. Any IoT capable facility management and environmental conditioning devices can be connected to the Smart BA system so that the connected devices can be monitored under one system, remotely and wirelessly.


Cloud-based and built on an open system, Smart BA System® solves the problem of currently fragmented environmental technology devices (including those by competitors) enabling new building designers and architects to adopt Zero-Energy-Building (ZEB) solution all in one system.



Eco-friendly dehumidifying and air supply unit. Compared to the conventional overcooling dehumidification/reheating system, 50% more energy efficient.

ECOSALA ® reduces overcooling by 30%. No need for a heat source for reheating (hot water, electric heater, etc.). While enabling 50% energy saving, the smooth air circulation makes the indoor environment very comfortable for the occupants. Ideal for facilities that take in a large amount of outside air for ventilation.

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