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UC Berkeley Center for the Built Environment (CBE) Unveils Controlled Environment Chamber Installed with Sanken's Radiant Cooling Panels

The CBE building science chamber installed with Sanken's convection-enhanced radiant cooling panels.

CBE's controlled environment chamber went through major renovation over the past few years to update their building systems to expand its capability to handle challenges of future research. One of the major improvement to the chamber is the installation of Sanken's convection-enhanced radiant panels, which will allow the center to study the design and operation of the panels used in combination with a dedicated outdoor air supply (DOAS) for heating and cooling. We look forward to the exciting research ahead with CBE!

Ribbon cutting during the unveiling of the chamber (L-R) David Heinzerling of Taylor Engineers, CBE Director Edward Arens, and GET Inc. President Ippei Izuhara.

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